Day 4 and 5 in a Mental Hospital 


yesterday and today were really slow days. On the weekend it’s really dead here, most people are going Home or sleep all day so it’s pretty boring and the problem is that i’m really lost in my thoughts and have heavy urges to self harm. But i promised myself to stay strong and fight.

Day 3 in a Mental Hospital


today i slept very well. In the morning at like 10am i had an Appointment with the assistant medical director, it went very well. Next week they will start to change my medication and i think that’s a good thing. Maybe a new medication will help me feel better. I’m a little sad because all Therapies got cancelled today so i have a lot of spare time. I think i’m going for a walk outside now.

Day 2 in a Mental Hospital


my night was not the Best. I woke up several times and was therefore a little bit sleepy in the morning. You have to go up at 7am to get your Breakfast at 7:30am. The breakfast was okay but not like home. 😉

Today i had Ergotherapy and Sport class.

Both was okay, it was good to do something for my body and sweat a little 🙂

Day 1 in a Mental Hospital


today is the day where i’m going in a Mental Hospital. My parents will take me there in a few Hours. Let’s see how it’ll be like there.


I arrived and had a hearty welcome from the Station Personal. The other patients are all pretty nice and welcomed me in their group.

I had a appointment with the Psychiatrist he asked me a lot of things and he took notes about my self harm wounds and scars for the Documentation.